Egied Simons

LIVING Liquid Files by Egied Simons (2011)

Title installation: LIVING Liquid Files by Egied Simons
Dimensions: 6 x 15 m
Exhibition: LIVING Liquid Files by Egied Simons
Period: Januari 9th 2011-March 2011
Location: Wallgallery, Wijnbrugstraat 330, 3011 XW Rotterdam


Living presents the recent work of Egied Simons in which he investigates the insignificant, unseen and trivial. He literally zooms in on matter that surrounds us. In his artistic search he frames living or dead materials looking for the right composition. Development and transformation play an important role in the process oriented art that he refers to as Liquid Files. Egied considers the results of his elementary research the culmination of all phases of his career as visual artist, all his motives come together in Liquid Files.

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