Egied Simons

Radix Morgana Pinetum (2017)

work in progress
work in progress
work in progress
work in progress

200 x 200 x 200 cm

Title Radix Morgana Pinetum

Size installation: 200 x 200 x 200 cm

Exhibition: Pinetum als Lab - kunst maakt het onzichtbare zichtbaar (group show)

Location: Pinetum Blijdenstein, Van der Lindenlaan 125, 1217 PJ  Hilversum, The Netherlands

Period: August 26 - 17 september 2017 (Friday, Saterday, Sunday)

Simons’ interest in plant life has extended to a study of root systems. How do roots of plants grasp and mingle with each other? Which strategy does the plant use in its search for a stronger grip as well as water? The underground texture reveals the traces of this search. In Pineteum Blijdenstein Simone presents the installation Radix Morgana Pinetum. On glass plates grow several conifers. The root growth can be followed through the use of mirrors.

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