Egied Simons

Fruits Exploded View (2011)



Titel work: Fruits exploded view
Exhibition: The Botanist’s Reverie
Period: June 10th - July 10th 2011
Location: RETORT ART SPACE Aalsmeerweg 103 1059 AG Amsterdam
Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm

Fruits exploded view

Soft fruits crushed between two sheets of glass, transformed from three to two dimensions. In Exploded View an overview of all existing contents of the fruits is shown.
In this series other soft tissues like (animal) organs were explored, this led to anonther series of work: 
Brains Eploded View

Fruits exploded view

Fruits exploded view, zacht fruit geplet en gevat tussen twee glasplaten, vertaald van drie dimensies naar twee dimensies. Alle onderdelen worden keurig gerangschikt weergegeven.

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