photo impression (2010)

Title: Liquid Files (a serie of installations)
Location: Verbeke Foundations Kemzeke, Belgium
Exhibition: Egied Simons
Period: 2010
artist in ResidenField Research

Liquid Files
Biological materials like spiderwebs, butterfly wingdust, fish scales, blood and living insects like bloodsuckers, spiders, waterfleas , insect eggs, and other life forms from ponds, are being projected with old slide projectors and overhead projectors. The projections turn spaces into installations.

For his installations Egied Simons uses different materials: sometimes robust and solid, other times very fragile and perishable. Light, the most volatile ‘substance’, plays a role in almost all of his projects.
He literally zooms in on matter that surrounds us. In his artistic search he frames living or dead materials looking for the right composition. Development and transformation play an important role in the process oriented art that he refers to as Liquid Files.
Watching reality becomes an almost cinematic experience.

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