Egied Simons

Heat Wave (2012)

Title: Heat Wave
Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.5 m
Period: 10 t/m 17 november 2012
Location: Kleine Berg, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Festival: Light festival Glow 2012

For his installations Egied Simons uses different materials: sometimes robust and solid, then very fragile and perishable. Light, the most volatile ‘substance’, plays a role in almost all of his projects.

During the dark and cold November Simons presents Heatwave, a work of art about light and heat. He films the audience of GLOW with a thermal imaging camera and projects the result on the facade of Le Connaisseur. The slowly moving stream of visitors is converted into a changing color mass in which you can identify yourself with a little effort.

The artist uses dynamic and natural processes in our immediate environment as a basis for his work. This may include movements caused by the wind, small organisms or, as in this case, the spectator himself. Using lenses, mirrors, cameras or projectors, he offers a different perspective on everyday phenomena. Watching reality becomes like a cinematic experience.

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