Art meets Roots

Hans de Kroon


Welcome to the department of Experimental Plant Ecology !

Art meets Roots

Corrie van de Vendel – detail

The exhibition Art Crumbles uses science as a source of inspiration. Twelve international artists have linked to scientists in the Radboud University Science Faculty. The artist’s work is exposed in the Huygens building of the Science Faculty during August 2013. The Art Crumbles website presents the interviews with the scientists explaining their fascination and achievements.Egied Simons - detail

Two artists were inspired by our studies on root interactions. Corrie van de Vendelwas particularly amazed by the mutual communication and dependence among plants (“Just like humans”). Egied Simonswas fascinated by the interactions between the “world below” and the “world above”. What plants attract, what plants deter each other? What signals are sent out and received by the roots? (“For Hans this is science, for me it is magic”).