Naked Eye Lights Transvaal (2013)


Title installation: Naked Eye Lights Transvaal
Dimensions: 30 x 6x 20 m
Exhibition: Translumen Amsterdam 2013
Period: 31 October & 1, 2 and 3 November 2013
Location: 25 Locations in Transvaal, Amsterdam East


As a sculptor and photographer, Egied Simons (1958) is fascinated by the experience of space. This leads to sculptures and installations and sometimes to interventions in public space.

Naked Eye Lights: a projection of searching eyes by means of a moving lens which acts as an eye pupil. The eyeball consists of the interior of a spotlight and this functional space contemplates itself. Reflecting lamellae around the lamp form the iris of the eye. The installation shows the naked eye in all its beauty.

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