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20 juli 2006 • Intelligent Design

Exhibition of Egied Simons at TENT., Rotterdam
20 July - 20 August 2006

The work of Egied Simons is rooted in the conceptual and minimal art. The experience of space, both physically as mentally, is a constant factor. Several worlds (of experiences) are linked, there seems to be a strive for fusion. The last few years nature and religion started playing a bigger role in his work, linked to the idea of men?s ability to create and shape things. In 2003 Simons made a series of works in which the experience of space during movement was a central item. This series, called Beams, can be considered as segments of a continuum, the way one experiences a landscape when looking out of the window of a train. For this series Simons chose glass as basic material, having reflection, lamination and transparency as inherent features. Sometimes the glass was combined with other materials. During the exhibition at TENT. five beams are displayed. In 2006 Simons made some works reminding of a laboratory sphere. Two works are shown at the TENT. exhibition: The Origin of Species In a couveuse-like environment there is a big plastic ball for animals to play in. The ball is filled with feathers and a small apparatus makes the ball move slowly. Softly the ball ticks against the walls of the couveuse. The chicken or the egg, a time bomb, or a culture medium for the (im)perfect? Intelligent Design In a couveuse-like environment there are three plastic balls. These balls are used as toys for mice. Three red-eyed laboratory mice wander about in their research environment. Intelligent design?