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23 juli 2006 • Artstore - Orde en Chaos (Order and Chaos)

Egied Simons is one of the participants of the second part of the exhibition "Artstore", entitled "Orde en Chaos" (Order and Chaos).

The exhibition is organized by the Kunstambassade Rotterdam. Opening: Saturday 5 August at 5 PM. The exhibition will last till 11 September. Egied Simons shows two of his recent works: Double Dutch Greenhouse Two children houses house a double weed plantation with five weed plants. The necessary equipment (ventilator, air humidity, special lamps) accentuates the fairy-like scene. Five weed plants is the maximum number of plants that is tolerated for an individual in the Netherlands for his own use. People smoking weed are supposed to be kind and relaxed. The sense of forbiddingness reinforces the sense of thrill. Corpus Delicti: Three black torsos with a skin of hydrocarbon refer to backpacks. How come people blow up themselves and their environment? (London, 2005) Sacrifices and victims, guilt and innocence?